What Is Josh AI And How Does It Work

Josh AI Home Assistant

Say hello to Josh.Ai

Josh is your home’s new best friend and the next revolutionary step in the utilization of artificial intelligence in the home living experience. When you think of Josh, imagine owning the world’s greatest dog, who learns his owner’s commands and responds to them with unquestioned obedience. Now imagine that dog having the ability to control any smart home system you have installed in your home. You tell Josh to turn the bedroom lights on or dim the shades, and Josh does it.

When you speak to Josh, Josh listens. Unlike other voice home systems that are limited to specific command phrases, Josh is designed to understand natural language. The creators of Josh wanted an artificial intelligence controller for your home that you can easily communicate with and understands and obeys your command the first time you say it. No more rephrasing commands because your current AI controller can’t process what you’re trying to say.

Josh does more than just turning on automatic lights or playing your favorite song or turning on your smart TV to the channel or app that you want. Josh studies your patterns and preferences to create a unique, customizable living experience in your home. Josh also protects your privacy. Josh will never sell your data to third-party marketers. You can rest assured that the conversations in your home will remain private because Josh never listens to any conversations when it’s not in use. All data is encrypted and Josh actively notifies you when suspicious activity is detected.

Josh will transform your home into a state-of-the-art smart home. It isn’t limited to just one smart home system. It can work across multiple systems and integrate them together, giving you total control through one source. Home devices that Josh can control include:

  • Appliances
  • Cameras
  • Stereos
  • TVs
  • Lights
  • Automated blinds/window shades
  • Fans
  • Fireplaces
  • Garage doors
  • Gates
  • Sensors
  • Thermostats
  • Switches
  • Alarm and security systems

Josh also has advanced features to suit your lifestyle. Josh can control circadian lighting — a type of lighting that sends signals to the brain to tell the body when it is daytime and when it is night and which functions to perform throughout the day. For people with sensitive allergies or asthma, Josh can also measure the air quality in your home. For the elderly or people with disabilities, including vision and hearing impairment, Josh simplifies many daily activities and creates a more accessible environment.

Aaron’s Home Tech has licensed professionals who can install Josh into your home. If you’re ready for the ultimate smart home experience, give us a call today.

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