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Building Automation Systems Fayetteville, GA

Building automation optimizes your space for maximum efficiency and productivity. At Aaron’s Tech, we build customized building automation plans to suit your company’s specific needs, everything from controlling lights, access control, security, and more.

  • Ensure the Safety of your Building–Having security and monitoring is important for the longevity of your business. A custom security system will protect your valuable team and assets from outside safety threats. Surveillance cameras around your building will ensure that you have eyes on your company during and after business hours, whether from you are monitoring through a security space in your building or from your personal device. Beyond protecting your company from exterior threats, a security system can keep recordings from within your business that could be helpful if there was a liability or litigation concern. Quality video recordings will keep your business safe from security issues inside and outside of your building. A CCTV system will help you avoid building intrusion and internal security threats.
  • Manage your Building Access–An access control system will help you manage entry to your building. Using an electronic system will eliminate the need for physical keys to be floating around and risk getting lost. With a card or fob entry into your building, your staff can enter the building from the outside and have specific access to the rooms they need to use. If a card or fob is lost, that particular card or fob can be invalidated from your digital system, so there is no need to worry about a security breach. Also, if an employee quits or loses their job, you can revoke their access to the building right away. Access control helps you maintain the safety of your employees, assets, and building.
  • Security & Monitoring–Regardless of your company’s industry, having a reliable security system matters greatly. The Aaron’s Tech team builds customized security systems with monitoring to ensure that your building is safe during and after business hours. We are available 24/7 to make sure that your space is safe. Our security solutions secure the premises from the outside, but can also provide access control inside. An integrated security system utilizes surveillance cameras and CCTV, but it also accesses the building’s lighting in case of emergencies for warning lights as well as for creating lighting schedules to discourage break-ins. We offer thorough comprehensive security for your space without the hassles. You can manage the security of your whole building from your smart device within your building or while you are away. Our team can also outfit a dedicated space within your company for your CCTV system and security monitoring. We can help you stay connected to your business no matter if you are home for the day or away on a business trip. Video monitoring within your business is helpful for security purposes, but it can also be vitally important in the event of a liability or litigation issue. A customized system will protect your business and interests.

Commercial Services

Commercial Security Camera Systems Fayetteville GA

Commercial Security Camera Systems

Commercial Security Camera Systems

Businesses need the right security cameras, and Aaron’s Home Tech understands the need for forensic-quality archive footage. Owners need to know what happens in and around their property and have the ability to zoom in and out on the footage while maintaining the best possible picture quality.

Commercial Access Control Systems Fayetteville GA

Access Control

Access Control

Aaron’s Home Tech customizes access control to the needs of your business. It is crucial to security to give ease of use to the right people, and restrict access to others.

Commercial Security & Monitoring Fayetteville GA

Commercial Security & Monitoring

Commercial Security & Monitoring

Installing and maintaining a modern, effective security system and camera setup takes experience and technical knowledge. Aaron’s Home Tech brings nearly four decades of both to your business.

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