To Be Wired or Not to Be Wired? That Is the Question

Wired Vs Wireless Surround Sound System

If you enjoy listening to music throughout your home, you’ll want to include a whole home audio system when designing your ideal in-home entertainment experience. When selecting a home audio system, you’ll face the decision of whether to choose a wired or wireless audio system. The answer is not simple. It is important to understand the difference between the two options. 

What is the difference between a wired audio system and a wireless one?

Every sound system involves a digital-to-audio conversion that turns information into sounds that can be heard. Wired speakers are physically connected to the source of your music through speaker wires. They transmit sound data through that connection. 

Wireless speakers collect digital data via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and convert it to sound using built-in technology. Many assume that wireless speakers have no wires, but many in-home wireless speakers still have power cords and optional AUX cords. Popular companies like Sonos have brought wireless audio systems mainstream and made them more accessible. Is wireless or wired right for you? There are certainly pros and cons to consider.

Wireless Home Audio System Pros

  • Minimal Wiring. There are no messy cables lying around and no working out which cable fits in each slot. There is also no need to run wires through your walls.
  • Convenience. Wireless systems are simple to set up, easy to use, and portable when you need them to be. Nothing beats wireless sound systems when it comes to convenience.
  • Versatility. You can stream connected, whole-home sound with a few well-placed wireless speakers. You can even rearrange them for a cinema surround sound experience.
  • Limitless Installation Possibilities. It can sometimes be hard to run wires effectively in old buildings, above the garage, or outside. In those cases, a high-quality wireless system will work wonderfully. Wireless can go places that wires cannot. 

Wireless Home Audio System Cons

  • Disconnection: On rare occasions, there can be wireless connection dropouts or interference in some areas. When using Wi-Fi, your internet connection must always be working. 
  • Battery Draining: Wireless connections consume battery power on connected portable devices such as your smartphone.
  • Set Up Limitations. Bluetooth devices have to be in a certain range of one another, which affects the design and placement of devices. 

Wired Home Audio System Pros

  • Better Sound Quality. Wired speakers have always been the gold standard and have a much greater range of possibility than any wireless options on the market. Wired speakers deliver a richer sound because no compression is required during data transmission.
  • Less Maintenance. Hard-wired systems need less servicing because the cables are safely tucked away in the wall.  
  • Greater Reliability. There’s no risk of sound interference, dropped Wi-Fi, or glitchy Bluetooth connections. 
  • Increased Home Value. A hard-wired home audio system increases the resale value of your home.
  • Expert Recommended. Generally, hard-wired systems are still the default recommendation of most audio-video experts. They are more reliable and can offer better-sounding audio to almost any area of your property. Plus, if you want to distribute 4K video along with your audio, you’re better off with a hard-wired system.

Wired Home Audio System Cons

  • Bigger Investment. Hard-wired systems require a bit more of an upfront investment. From the cost of running cables to the time spent in your walls, floors, and ceiling, you may think it’s not worth the hassle.  
  • Technical Installation. Hard-wired system installation is more involved. The best time to install a wired system is during the building of your home. But professionals like our team at Aaron’s Tech can install a wired system efficiently, no matter the age of your home. 

So, which is “better,” wired or wireless? It all boils down to your specific space, budget, and needs. 


There’s plenty of variation within both categories. With a little help from Aaron’s Tech team, a quality sound system can be installed to fit just about every budget and lifestyle. Plus, who says you have to choose? We can build hybrid systems that combine the power and quality of wired with the convenience and flexibility of wireless. When you partner with Aaron’s Home Tech, we’ll work with you to create a system that fits seamlessly into your day-to-day.

Are you ready to upgrade your listening experience with a whole home audio system? Contact us today!

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