What Is Whole House Audio?

Whole House Audio Solutions

Do you like to listen to music throughout your entire house? Maybe while you are cleaning and going from room to room or when you are hosting a party? You have two options if you want to hear music throughout your home. You can turn the music up loud enough to hear in every room of the house – while also damaging your eardrums and annoying your neighbor – or you can install a whole house audio system

What is a whole-house audio system?

The concept of whole home audio, or multi-room audio, is simple. Several speakers are placed around the house, such as in-ceiling speakers, bookshelf speakers, or surround sound. These speakers are connected (either wired or wirelessly) and receive sound from a central source, allowing you to hear the music in each room the speakers are in. Some systems will let you choose whether to play different music in each room or the same music everywhere. With a remote or smartphone, you can easily control what is playing throughout the house.

While the concept is simple, the practical setup is a little more complicated. Some companies, like Sonos, came on the scene to make whole-home audio more accessible and mainstream. They created an out-of-the-box wireless home audio system designed to work together. You might already have a small Bluetooth speaker, an Alexa, or an Echo in your home and wonder if it’s the same as whole-home audio. While there are options for expanding those systems, it doesn’t compare. The reason that Sonos and other whole-home and multi-room audio systems are more expensive than something like an Alexa or Echo is that they use much higher-quality speakers with a more complex internal processing. This makes your music sound like it’s coming from all over the room, or at least from a larger speaker. While smart speakers can sound much better than you might guess based on their size, they still don’t hold up as far as audio quality. With wireless multi-room audio, sending and receiving the signals is simple enough, but syncing everything up so that the music you’re hearing sounds the way it should is tough. This is why the best whole home audio systems, whether wired or wireless, should be installed by professionals. 

Whole-home audio systems have been moving up in popularity over the last several years. Technology has advanced, and there are now more options for everyone. Our team can help you sort through these options to help you find the right system that works for you. 

If you are looking to increase your home value and install a professional whole-home audio system that sounds great and meets all your needs, then call our professional installation team at Aaron’s Home Tech. We will work with you to design a customized plan to fit your space. We will go over your options and pricing depending on the system you want and the size of your home. You can trust our experienced installers. They’ve seen and done it all, and they will know what you need and what you don’t. When you work with Aaron’s Home Tech, we will professionally install your system with expert knowledge, so that you can trust your whole home audio system will work the way it’s supposed to. 


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