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Commercial Security & Monitoring in Atlanta, GA

Keeping Your Employees and Business Safe

The presence of a reliable security system is highly advantageous for various types of businesses and industries. At Aaron’s Home Tech, we offer customized commercial security and monitoring systems in Atlanta, GA that help keep employees and business assets safe 24/7.

Customized Commercial Security / Monitoring

We leverage our exceptional knowledge and experience to ensure you obtain the commercial security system that meets the specific needs of your business. We provide customized installations to match your precise commercial security and monitoring requirements. With a customer security camera system, you can help ensure your business and employees benefit from optimum protection.

The security solutions we offer cover both inside access control and outside premises security needs. A cohesive security system will also utilize the building’s lighting in addition to surveillance cameras and CCTV to discourage and prevent break-ins.

360 Surveillance and 24/7 Support

Our team can also create a designated space within your business that houses your security monitoring and CCTV system. You can manage your building security right from your smart device. With 360° surveillance of your building available 24/7, you can stay connected to your business regardless of your location.

Continual security and monitoring is also vitally important in the event of a litigation or liability issue.

Contact Us for Commercial Security / Monitoring in Atlanta, GA

It is vital to ensure the safety of your team and the assets of your business. And with commercial security and monitoring from Aaron’s Home Tech, you can achieve this goal.

To learn more about how we can customize your security and monitoring needs, give us a call today at 770.746.9178 or use our contact form to leave us a message.

Commercial Services

Commercial Security Camera Systems

Commercial Security Camera Systems

Aaron’s Home Tech understands the need for forensic-quality archive footage. Businesses need to know what happens within and around their walls and do have the footage necessary to zoom in and out while maintaining the necessary picture quality, businesses need the right security cameras.

Access Control

Access Control

Securing your physical space while allowing those with access the ease of use is a crucial component of your building. Aaron’s Home Tech customizes access control to the needs of your office.

Commercial Security & Monitoring

Commercial Security & Monitoring

Installing and maintaining a modern, effective security system and camera setup takes experience and technical knowledge. Aaron’s Home Tech brings nearly four decades of both to your business.

Building Automation System

Building Automation System

Seamlessly moving from one office to another while maintaining temperature control, network access, lighting needs, audiovisual equipment, and more is vital to any modern office. Aaron’s Home Tech has the technical skills required to ensure your office is automated the right way.

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