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Full Coverage, Full Service Security to Protect What's Most Valuable to You
When it comes to home security, you need a system that will deter and detect potential intruders, alert police and fire authorities and help you resolve any issues after the fact, making you and your family feel safe in your home. But that's not what you commonly see on the market today.

What we offer that others don't is a full coverage, full service system to protect everything that is most valuable to you. Because we believe your family and your home is worth more than what three doors and one motion detector can provide.

If you want to get past the hype and provide your family with real protection, we're the team for you. Schedule an appointment and we'll show you how. 

Security and Fire Alarm Systems
  • Protecting what's valuable to you - your home, its contents and, most importantly, your family 
  • We recommend robust burglary intrusion coverage including all main level doors and windows - not just the basic three doors and one motion detector you get with most security companies
  • Fire and carbon monoxide detection monitored by the professionals for quick response 
24/7 Monitoring
  • Our certified monitoring station is alerted whenever there's an alarm
  • We dispatch police and fire emergency response
  • You never have to worry about missing a notification and your home is always protected
Camera Surveillance
  • Cameras can give you an even greater sense of peace and security
  • View live and recorded video wherever you are
  • Set up notifications on motion detection to be alerted when someone comes near your home
  • Easy to retrieve and save archive video
  • Cameras can also deter potential burglars just with their presence
Video Doorbells
  • See and speak to visitors at the door through an app 
  • Get notifications on motion detection so you can see when someone's at the door even if they don't ring the bell
  • Access live video 24/7
  • View recorded video clips
  • Available in several models and finishes to complement your home's style

Automated Door Locks
  • Lock or unlock the door remotely through an app
  • Let a contractor inside without giving him a key
  • Can trigger scenes for other connected devices, such as turning off the security system or turning on a lamp when the door is unlocked
  • Available in several models and finishes to complement your home's style
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