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Enjoy a New Level of Convenience in Your Home That Wasn't Possible Before
What if you could turn off the lights in your home, lower the shades, lock the doors and arm the security system all from your comfort of your bed at night? 

What if when you walked downstairs in the morning your shades were already open and your favorite music was on in the kitchen to get you excited for the day? 

What if you you could save energy - and money - by scheduling lights, shades and thermostats based on sunlight, time of day and the season? 

These subtle changes add up to big efficiencies that enhance and simplify your daily routine, leaving you more time for the important things on your agenda. Schedule an appointment and we'll show you how. 

Lighting Control
  • Lighting scenes to turn on multiple loads with a single button press 
  • Vacation and away modes to make the house look lived in even while you're out
  • Remote access on an app in case you ever leave the lights on accidentally
  • Beautiful keypads that minimize clutter on your walls

Motorized Shading
  • Schedule your shades to open and close at specific times of day - no more walking around the home each morning to open every blind
  • Single button operation from a wall keypad, remote or through the app
  • Save energy and protect your interiors from the damaging effects of UV exposure
  • Hundreds of fabric and color choices to fit your style
Smart Thermostats
  • Save energy with a program that heats/cools the house when you're home and scales back when you're away
  • Set the temperature in your home from your remote or the app
  • Integrate with your security system to turn the HVAC off in case of fire, slowing the speed it spreads
Central Vacuum
  • True cyclonic central vacuum units offer greater cleaning power than portable vacuums
  • With powerful motors you get better suction to pick up deep down embedded dirt, dust and debris 
  • Improve indoor air quality - Vents outside the home so no particles are recirculated back into the home 
  • Allergy sufferers' symptoms can be reduced by up to 61% with a central vacuum 
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